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Cologne/Bonn August 29.-31. 2014

>>German Deutsches Programm

Dear Flying Rotarians,
Here  is  the  plan!  Our  second  meeting  in  2014  will  take  place  in  the  traditional  deep Rhineland, in the Cologne/Bonn region. True to this year's motto
"Aviation and Culture"
we want to provide once again a mixture of attractions and aviation highlights.


The  heart  of  the  Rhine  region  beats  around  the  cities  of  Cologne  and  Bonn.  Bonn  was  the first  capital  and  seat  of  Government  of  the  young Federal  Republic  of  Germany at  least  up to the year 1999. Cologne is not only famous for its fifth season, the Cologne Carnival, and its  own  beer  called  Kölsch,  but  also  for  the  many  internationally  renowned  museums  and Roman Catholic Archdiocese of the world-famous Cologne Cathedral.
Cologne is a city of education and the arts. Students dominate the landscape of the city and certainly  contribute  to  the  traditionally  anchored  "party  mood"  in  the  old  town.  The Philharmonic Orchestra enjoys a worldwide reputation. The  Bonn region still  thrives  on  the  international audience  as a  reminiscence  of  the  former seat of Government.  The Rhine that  flows through both  cities  is  home  of the  wine-growing areas in the South of the Rhine valley.
In  this  potpourri  we  hope  once  again  for  beautiful  weather,  traditional  nice  food,  good conversation  and  interesting  insights  into  the  history  of  the  cities  and  the  highlights  of aeronautical engineering.


The ETW  is  the  world's  largest  cryogenic  wind  tunnel.  It  enables  realistic  simulations  of transport  aircraft  in  the  entire  area  of  transonic  flight  and  up  to  Mach  1.35  with  pure nitrogen  flow  with  a  temperature  down  to  minus  163  degrees  Celsius.  The  complex  was found in 1988 at  European level and belongs to the Aeronautic and Space Research Center of  the  Federal  Republic  of  Germany.  Jürgen  Quest,  head  of  the  aerodynamics  department will  offer  us  an  exclusive and unique  insight  into  technology  and  current  research  on  the latest aircraft.


The Helicopter  Emergency Medical Service  of the ADAC  is  Europe's  largest  service  provider in  the  field  of  air  ambulance  and operates  a  helicopter  squadron  to  the  initial  rescue  and ambulance  jets  for  international  patient  transport.  The  organization's  own  training  and research  center  and  simulator  hall  are  located  in  Bonn-Hangelar.  In  addition,  the  HEMS trains  own  pilots  and  rescue  paramedics.  3  modern  Eurocopter  simulators  and  computerbased theory training places for air mechanics and pilots are available. A clinical shock room simulator completes the medical training.


Cologne is especially beautiful along the river. We succeeded to reserve a quota of rooms at preferential rates in the Hyatt Hotel located directly on the Rhine River and overlooking the Cologne Cathedral and Cologne's city center.