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Hesse, Germany

Wetzlar and Limburg at the river Lahn

Wetzlar August 17-19 2018

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After having explored the Ruhr area in May, our next destination for our autumn meeting will be Wetzlar and Limburg. We will meet at Siegerland Airport (EDGS, ILS available) and stop by in the airport restaurant before leaving together for Wetzlar, where our hotel is located. 

Both Wetzlar and Limburg are situated on the river Lahn. Wetzlar has an impressive medieval city center and a remarkable unfinished cathedral. All sights are within walking distance of the hotel. Wetzlar is also well-known for its optical industry. That’s why our agenda includes a tour of the new “World of Leica Experience” where we will gain insight into the production of modern cameras.

Another highlight will be our visit to the district town Limburg an der Lahn. Limburg has a picturesque half-timbered old town and a cathedral.

We will stay at Michel Hotel Wetzlar. A room allotment has been blocked until July 16, 2018

Leica - Leitz Park

We will visit the Leitz-Park in Wetzlar